Advisory Services

Is your business at the early stage of its journey, or, into a new way of working ?

Have you inherited an existing situation and you are not sure how to deal with it ?

We can help you!

We are often approached by businesses confused about the route forward or stuck with obsolete technologies that need an in-depth review, hence our offering includes IAM assessments (maturity, strategy and roadmaps).

Our experts, will fully evaluate your challenges and provide a customer-centric approach to overcome them.

Vendor Selection Process

Finding the most appropriate vendors for Identity and Access Management isn’t easy.

You have many solutions to choose from, but unsure of the best added value for your own case ?

IAM Experts saves you time by simplifying the vendor selection process and shortlisting 2-3 best vendors based on our scoring system that prioritises your specific requirements.

We work closely with your procurement team to secure the best license deal for you.

Technology Watch

As partners with over 90% of IAM existing vendors, IAM Experts is always up to date with the latest technology and only implements systems that best suit your needs.

IAM Experts keeps an ongoing technology watch (from market leading vendors to new challengers that you may miss).

Our test lab enables us to demo features, test proofs of concept and train our future experts.

Our Partners