IAM Experts, adding value!

Thanks to cloud computing and flexible working patterns, teams can achieve high levels of productivity, no matter where they happen to be physically located.

Despite this, the global shortage of expertise presents some unique challenges. Projects involve a multitude of actors from self-employed individuals to consultancy firms, increasing inconsistencies, financial risk and therefore, project failure. At IAM Experts, we’re aware of these challenges and understand how to overcome them.

We’re proud to be the largest federation of experts in Identity and Access Management in the EMEA region. Our team collaborates daily to offer you our renowned high-quality services.

With over a decade of experience, our team of experts has developed a disruptive methodology, allowing us to maintain a 98% customer retention rate.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We are technology agnostic and recommend the right solutions for your needs. For that reason, we developed our centres of expertise with market leaders as well as emerging start-ups.

Your business will benefit from a global federation that applies a multi-lingual and multi-cultural approach to everything we do.

Our services We offer three key service areas: Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services. They’re designed to help businesses like yours, during the early stages of their journey: from full implementation to ongoing operational support as working practices evolve.
Find out more about our pioneering services below.
Advisory Services Advisory services If your business is at the early stage of its journey into a new way of working, or you’ve inherited an existing situation, we can help you.
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Implementation Services Implementation services Our implementation services include business consultancy as well as technical implementation because the two go hand-in-hand.
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Managed Services Managed services It’s a global fact: the demand for IAM expertise is higher than the available offer, causing dysfunctional turnover for many organisations.
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Technology Partners As a leading consultancy, we invest in research and analysis of most solutions on the market. We’ve partnered with the best businesses to ensure we develop practices around key technologies, that provide our customers with seamless integrations and joined-up support.