IAM Experts is a consultancy firm and federation of over 300 consultants in Identity and Access Management. We’re all experts with decades of experience in the unique challenges your business faces in a fast-changing world.

IAM Experts is about passion and expertise! Our customers recognise our commitment and stick with us for years, But why do they choose us?

Because we develop relationships and trust above and beyond the deployment of a technology. We make your problems our challenges and we overcome them.

Fifteen years ago, our Managing Director, Anthony Mornet, developed and introduced a disruptive methodology for addressing IAM challenges that were applied to many businesses. We are proud of being the largest federation of experts, and we’re growing quickly.

We are vendor agnostic and customer-centric and well acknowledged by leading vendors of the industry. We only work within our circle of trust, meaning you benefit from a global reach and real-time experience, bringing exceptional results quickly. Our multi-lingual and multi-cultural team is trusted worldwide proven by the success of global projects.

The world is changing, fast, but we’re keeping up with it. We can help you do the same.