If your business is at the early stage of its journey into a new way of working, or you’ve inherited an existing situation and you’re not sure how to deal with it, we can help you.

We’re often approached by businesses confused about the route forward or stuck with old, obsolete technologies that need an in-depth review.

That’s why we put our best consultants on such projects. Their experience as Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Technical Architects ensures they’re perfectly placed to gain a full understanding of your challenges and help you to overcome them.

Our customer-centric strategy will provide you with a positive experience at every stage of your journey.

Maturity Assessment

During an IAM Maturity Assessment, we study six elements and execute a Gap Analysis against the recommended level:

Maturity Assessment

  1. Governance: Does the IAM initiative have executive sponsorship? Any formal structure in place?
  2. Organisation: Is there any organisational structure to manage IAM ? Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined? Are the individuals managing these areas being supported?
  3. Vision and Strategy: Is there a clearly defined roadmap in place? Is there any formal planning to achieve the strategy?
  4. Processes: What is the existing operating model and what processes are in place across the organisation relevant to IAM?
  5. Architecture: How are the IAM Architecture and Infrastructure mapped to the overall Enterprise Architecture and business processes in general? This includies the technologies in place with regards to IAM.
  6. Business Value: How do IAM initiatives contribute to the business: security, automation, compliance….?

In a nutshell, your maturity assessment will answer these questions:

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?
  • We listen to your answers, and we deliver the solution that’s right for you.

Technology Vendor Analysis

IAM Experts has partnered with over 90% of identity and access management vendors on the market.

This enables us to get hands-on with the latest technology and only implement the systems that make sense for you as our client.

Our experts continually keep researching and testing market-leading platforms and systems. We look at the big firms, but also the smaller, niche vendors that you may otherwise miss.

Our test lab enables us to demo new features, test proofs of concept, and train our future experts. We never stop looking for the latest and best vendors and solutions.

Vendor Selection Process

Finding the most appropriate vendors for Identity and Access Management isn’t easy. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to differentiate and select the solution that will add value. That’s why the IAM Experts team saves you time by finding the best solution for your specific requirements.

We shortlist the top 2-3 IAM vendors that meet your needs. We do this by prioritising your requirements and using a scoring system to filter out the perfect vendors.

Our experience tells us that all the good vendors can satisfy the basics of IAM, so we avoid spending time in that area and instead focus on the more challenging questions that will put you on the right course.

Our team works hand in hand with your procurement team to ensure the best license deal is obtained.