It’s a global fact: the demand for IAM expertise is higher than the available offer, causing dysfunctional turnover for many organisations.

IAM Experts enables you to outsource from over 300 experts and maintain a reliable service.

We provide a range of Managed Services from simple technical support to the complete outsourcing of your Identity and Access Management operations.

How our managed services work

We become part of your team. Our managed services are based on these four fundamental principles.

  1. Eliminate dysfunctional turnover. With our help, you won’t need to maintain an in-house niche skillset for Identity and Access Management.
  2. Reduce costs. Decrease staffing overheads with a specialised team of dedicated professionals.
  3. Reduce operational overheads through optimised monitoring, reporting, and escalation processes which ensure your Identity and Access Management infrastructure runs at maximum efficiency 24/7.
  4. Improve the speed of resolution, relying on a dedicated and experienced team of experts.

Our Managed Services

Below is a sample of the managed services we provide.

Standard Offering

Silver (Option 1) Gold (Option 2) Platinum Made to Measure
Availability Office Hours (8×5) Extended Office Hours
(12 x 5)
24/7 Up to 24/7
Response Time (SLA) 16 hours 8 hours 4 hours Custom
Technical Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Issue Resolution Yes Yes Yes Custom
Pro-Active Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Custom
Patching & Upgrade No Yes Yes Custom
On-Site Technical Assistance No Yes Yes Custom
Operational Services: Functional Management No No Yes Custom
Operational Services: MI Reporting No Yes Yes Custom
Application On-Boarding Factory No Yes Yes Custom

Technical support, including issue diagnosis and resolution

Once informed of an incident, our team investigates and diagnoses the issue for you. If you simply require information, we can provide technical guidance.

Pro-active monitoring of your Identity and Access Management systems

To ensure your systems are running as expected, we provide regular health checks and monitoring services. This extends to taking a detailed look at log files and correcting errors – a proactive approach which usually results in us finding issues before they impact users.

On-site technical assistance for major incidents

Whether it’s data recovery or another major access management incident, we’re right here with you to offer support.

System administration to help reduce the in-house burden

Remove the burden of hiring an in-house system administration team by relying on our experts daily. We resolve any point of failure and maintain your system daily.

Monthly MI reporting with agreed KPIs

We help you to keep your team on task, with reporting linked to KPIs and KRIs. If required, we can provide integration with your Operational Risk framework.

The On-Boarding Factory

From system and data owner alignment to technical integration of target applications, our fixed-cost approach includes the on/off boarding of your applications monthly.

Patching & Upgrade

Many organisations end up kicking off a project to cover the upgrade of their solution. Our Managed Services offering Includes the installation, testing, and deployment of the security patches and the major upgrades of your solutions. This is all within the subscription price, with no hidden cost.

Please get in touch to find out more about our full range of Managed Services.